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Sparks by Ève Le Fessant Coussonneau wins the Best Film award at Doclisboa

The short film Sparks by Ève Le Fessant Coussonneau is Best Film in the Green Years competition at the Doclisboa festival (PORTUGAL). This short film is a co-production of DOCLA with Ecole documentaire de Lussas (FRANCE).

Words from the jury:“This powerful short film manages to describe the human being as a political and historical animal. Constructed from a simple combination of images, sounds and words, the film shows a place in the world where altruism, empathy and courage could grow. The political will to act meets the curiosity, drive and audacity inherent in an almost primordial perspective on the world. The revolutionary force of the child gives us much-needed hope for future generations. For these reasons, the Uniarts Helsinki award for the best film of the green years goes to Sparks, by Éve le Fessant Coussonneau.”

The jury was composed of: Mário Veloso, Sabrina D. Marques and Salla Tykkä.

Many congratulations to the team composed of:

Director: Eve Le Fessant Coussonneau

Camera: Luce Fournier, Eve Le Fessant Coussonneau

Sound: Agathe Bédard, Eve Le Fessant Coussonneau

Editing: Victoria Michaud

Production: Ecole documentaire de Lussas (France) - Juan Francisco González - DOCLA (Chile).

Many thanks especially to Tiziano, his mother Maca Zelada and his entire family.

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