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On the Wall (2023)
70 min -  4k - Chile and Peru.
Directed by:
Juan Francisco González 
Produced by:
Catalina Alarcon & Diego Sarmiento
Mono González is 76 years old, finds himself in a Chile undergoing a social transformation and a change in its constitution, in order to experience these facts of the country he decides to make a artistic tour. He initiates a journey that will take them to traverse him along Chile, carrying out one of the most ambitious projects of his artistic career, a series of different large-scale murals and serigraphs that portray his hope for social change and justice that he longs for his country.

Markets and incentives
2020: Moulin d'Ande Screenwriting Residency (France).
2021: Connecta (Chile).
2021: CINELEBU LAB (Chile).
2021: SANFIC - Santiago Lab (Chile).
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