Water Notebook /  Water Notebook    (2022)
15 min -  HD - Chile-France
Directed by:
Felipe Rodríguez Cerda 

Produced by:
Juan Francisco González and Felipe Rodríguez Cerda. 

Notaria de dudas - DOCLA.
The writtings of a relegate to the Patagonian archipelago during the chilean military dictatorship are found 35 years later. The notebook takes us into his encounters with the inhabitants of the Guaitecas Islands and their ways of life deeply linked to the sea.

World Premiere
2022: Biarritz Amérique Latine Festival 31st edition (FRANCE) - September 26 to October 2 

Markets and incentives:
2021: Work in Progress Film Festival of La Serena / FECILS (Chile). 
2022: Chilean Cinema in Construction at the Chilean Film Festival / FECICH (Chile): Color Service Award with COLOR HAUS and SERCOTEC MARGA MARGA Business Centers Award. 
2022: Large Shorts / In Circulation (Chile).
Still 3- Cuaderno de agua
Still 3- Cuaderno de agua

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Still 3- Cuaderno de agua
Still 3- Cuaderno de agua

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Felipe Rodríguez Cerda  (Chile, 1995).
He has made the documentary Los Vecinos del Abuelo (2019), the video-essay Incidentes en la Laboratorio (2020). He published the collection of poems Estelas de Cóndores Fosforescentes (2018), was anthologized in the publication Maraña: Panorama de
Young Chilean Poetry (Alchemy, 2019). Incidentes in the Laboratory obtained the mention of the jury at the Bogotá Experimental Film Festival 2020. The book Estelas de Cóndores Fosforescentes has obtained several
acknowledgments in the literary field, including the Oscar Castro Award 2017. He obtained the Literary Creation Scholarship, Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage 2021).