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Collective production together with the filmmakers Diego Sarmiento Pagán (Peru), Juan Francisco González (Chile) and Paula Compagnucci (Argentina), from the Network of Latin American Documentalists - DOCLA. Recorded at Cerro Collico, in the Coñomil Epuleo community.​


On the heights of the Chilean mountaintops, the sound of drums is heard across the glade. The singer Antu Liwen, a daughter of two worlds, leads the narrative as she reminisces about growing up as a mestiza and her relationship with the Mapuche identity. Her personal experience is a testimony to the historical traumas of the Mapuche community and resistance. After being denied the right to learn and speak the language of her community as a child due to her mother's fear of discrimination later in her life, Antu Liwen embraces her identity and regains her connection to her heritage and land.


- Indigenous Film + Video Show (Chile, 2020).

- Inca Garcilaso Cultural Center (Peru, 2020).

- Lambayeque Film Club (Peru, 2021).

- Screen Studies Conference l (Scotland, 2021).

Antu liwen,song of resistance  (2020)

12 min - Chile, Argentina and Peru. 

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