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Collective production together with the filmmakers Diego Sarmiento Pagán (Peru), Juan Francisco González (Chile) and Paula Compagnucci (Argentina), from the Network of Latin American Documentalists - DOCLA. Recorded at Cerro Collico, in the Coñomil Epuleo community.


"Antu Liwen, song of resistance" documentary that collects the testimony and music of Antu Liwen, who reflects on Mapuche identity through his own experiences.


On the heights of the Chilean mountaintops, the sound of drums is heard across the glade. The singer Antu Liwen, a daughter of two worlds, leads the narrative as she reminisces about growing up as a mestiza and her relationship with the Mapuche identity. Her personal experience is a testimony to the historical traumas of the Mapuche community and resistance. After being denied the right to learn and speak the language of her community as a child due to her mother's fear of discrimination later in her life, Antu Liwen embraces her identity and regains her connection to her heritage and land.


- Indigenous Film + Video Show (Chile, 2020).

- Inca Garcilaso Cultural Center (Peru, 2020).

- Lambayeque Film Club (Peru, 2021).

- Screen Studies Conference l (Scotland, 2021).

Antu liwen,song of resistance  (2020)

12 min - Chile, Argentina and Peru. 

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